Del Mar – Jake’s

Del Mar, meaning by the sea, is a huge destination for foodies in the San Diego area. It has become a home to the San Diego County Fair, Kaboo Music Festival, Del Mar Horse Races, and so much more! Although Del Mar has so many outstanding features that brings the city to life, I wanted to give a special mention to Jake’s. Jake’s is an experience while dining with them, because their location is literally right on the beach!

The restaurant has placed a man-made barrier between the building, and the sand for the occasional high tide. Over the past few years conditions have become worse, but they prevail! The ambiance provided by Jake’s can be romantic, or it can be a great family outing. They also have a great selection at the bar! Coincidentally, both of their hired on bartenders just won awards for best bartenders in San Diego County! If this is your kind of scene, then it’s certainly worth checking out.

Some menu options to look forward to: