Carlsbad – Campfire


Campfire was created to emulate the communal aspect of camping around a campfire. All of their food is made over an open flame, and draws inspiration from the theme they’ve created. They cater to the community of Carlsbad, and want to bring families together to enjoy great food. Campfire is open for lunch and dinner, and they serve brunch on the weekends. They are located off of State Street in Carlsbad Village. Here are some foods items that are highly recommended:

Owner John Resnick, and Executive chef Andrew Bachelier have created this place together. They have chosen one of the most difficult ways to prepare food, but they are running with it! This video shows Resnick speaking towards their methods in the kitchen:


Campfire’s menus are unique, and worth the price tag that comes with it! I highly recommend that everyone should check this place out. Also, there will be a new restaurant opening up by the same owner and chef right down the street from Campfire by the end of 2018. Check out the article here!